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It’s not just hype….

There IS a delicious way of getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

The answer? Smoothies.

They are tasty and nutritious drinks that you can make at home and enjoy at any time of the day. With smoothies, it is easy to have that “5 a day” servings of fruits and vegetables.

Anatomy of a Smoothie

Did you know that on average a 20-oz serving of strawberry smoothie only has 155 calories? From the strawberries alone you get 2 grams of fiber. Add a few more ingredients such as flax seeds or a few slices of banana and you’ll have a high-fiber, low-calorie snack. That’s not all. Drink smoothie with your dinner and you’ll make the most out of your meal.

Here are the health benefits you can get from smoothies:

  • Fiber which improves digestion
  • Calcium which leads to stronger bones
  • Vitamins and minerals significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer
  • Anti-oxidants which prevent aging and strengthen the immune system
  • Nutrients that increase stamina and improve overall health

And the list goes on…

The amount of nutrition you can get from smoothies can potentially exceed the ones you get from solid food.

All it takes is getting the recipe right…

That’s what this site is about. I’m here to help you whip up HEALTHY smoothies. Not just ordinary, for-your-sweet-tooth smoothies. Healthy, nutritious AND delicious smoothies for you and your family.

So where do you start?

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